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The problem I have with that the Maquis as a organization from the start were augmented with SF officers that quit their commissions to fight what they saw as "the good fight".

If VOY had been a more ambitious show, I would have much rather just continued the story chronologically. Any of you ever pitch a story to a studio or submit a story for publishing?

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It definitely would have made the moral decisions more interesting. If your scenario ends in people failing 99 out of times, you don't make 99 shows where failure is inevitable and 1 show about the people who barely managed to succeed. Posting Guidelines In addition to the Code of Conduct, please heed the following when posting new threads in this subreddit.

boeg app academy

Grafting alien equipment like non-exploding consoles into a Federation starship could've been awesome. Of course we had to show the ad hoc captain eating pills to backdoor some idea about external influences, those kids needed to get home as soon as the chain of command fell that far.

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boeg app academy

That could have fixed Harry too, either make him the Science officer or delete him entirely. A Mid America Fists in Action: She's only the ship's science officer, a Lt.

I hadn't considered that, but I don't disagree.

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View Abby Stone's career, season and game-by-game girls basketball stats while attending Pomfret School, Pomfret School and Pomfret School. Some of them are: As I get older, every couple years when I re-watch the series, the characters just gets increasingly more annoying and cringier.

Yes, innovation and edgy stories are what the the rabid fanbase wants, but mediocrity and familiarity is what pays the bills.

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ENT just was in an awkward situation both with the network and fandom. So you end up with a whole different dynamic between her and Chakotay with having to force him into more of a mentor role instead of just rolling over and letting him run things and letting the Maquis take over, and also between her and other junior officers who while lower ranked actually have some ambition to command so they don't particularly respect having a geek in charge.

Lord Nelson was only 12 when he joined the navy. Well, the whole point of "Valiant" was that the crew were out of their depth and drunk on their own cool aid.

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This is like the White Base and Archangel crew. It's been a while since I've seen the episode, but this makes a little more sense.

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That was my biggest beef with VOY, i. I loved "Valiant" as a teenager when it aired. I love Voyager, but the entire premise, as Ronald Moore said, was wasted. Gay rights work While McKellen had made his sexuality known to his fellow actors early on in his stage career, it was not until that he came out to the general public, in a programme on BBC Radio 3.

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The man who charged that little jerk with completing the mission was wrong, he should have ordered them all to go back to space dock; they'd be alive, they'd get commissions all around, but most importantly they'd still be alive.

We never see much of how the war affects individual crews but I always envisioned Starfleet would look a lot like the Enterprise crew from Tomorrow's Yesterday.

It could be interesting if the ship briefed the captain by billet and the crew had to deal with it without actually understanding what was going on.

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The creators didn't want to do anything diffrent they wanted tng season 8. The amendment in question, Section 28 of the Local Government Bill, proposed to prohibit local authorities from promoting homosexuality 'as a kind of pretended family relationship'.

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Shortly thereafter, Other Voyager self-destructs. McKellen agreed, but wrote "Fuck off, I'm gay. While BSG did spend a lot of time with the leaders of the fleet, they are only leaders because everyone above them in the chain of command was killed.

Voyager was a brand new experimental ship - maybe the first officer was only a temp, chosen for their technical knowledge and only intended to stay on until the seasoned Captain was up-to-speed. The 'senior ranking officer' perhaps an Ensign with more time in service than anyone else could have long conversations about the best way to command, or 'what makes a good leader'.

After 7 years of TNG, 7 years of DS9, and 7 years of VOY, there certainly was a feeling that they were re-telling the same stories over and over again. In the layout was modernized.Aug 29,  · Subscribe Here For more cool math videos visit our site at or This page list all the award nominations and wins for The Shawshank Redemption Academy Award nominations More Shawshank Redemption Wiki.

Reliable system to identify if a person is genuine. Also, more specific to your reply, the ship getting stranded is exceptional but the senior officers dying isn't necessarily more-unlikely than the alternative. The show would have ended in season 4. And you're right that one reason that they went backwards with Enterprise was partially because of burnout. The most frustrating part is WHEN the suits chickened out on the premise.

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You have to figure that it's unlikely for any crew to succeed in their mission. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. On the one hand, experienced senior officers leads to a high success ratio. The Captains and other historical figures created on the holodeck could be done with CGI.

I agree with Moore in that one of the Maquis we focus on should have been a ex-civilian, that would really have lent itself to interesting conflict.


And, as for character development, VOY had precious little. But in essence, they are no different than any other ship in the fleet.

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Everyone has the right to refuse to perform an immoral act.

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