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A little sticky buttered Soreen malt loaf is a very enticing addition. Since , Worthy Park Estate has only been owned by three families.

Rum production at Worthy Park has been recorded from as early as , which makes it the oldest producer still in existence in Jamaica.

dejting app island

Reluctant is the key word here.App Store upozorava na nepravilnu upotrebu emodžija. The Clarke Family have owned the Estate for years.

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Duncan Taylor are an independent bottler of (mainly) whisky, and in their own words: “Duncan Taylor & Company has ownership of one of the largest privately-held. Forsyths Twin Retort Pot Still. I really wanted to enjoy this Rum…. There is also a slight soapy note.

dejting app island

This is much better than the nose. Founded in , the Worthy Park Estate was gifted to Lieutenant Francis Price for his services to Oliver Cromwell during the English invasion and capture of the island of Jamaica from the Spanish in Not quite as oily and all-encompassing as the Reserve. It warrants your attention. Very old Oloroso barrels have been used and its the seasoned quality of the wood that is being sought, not necessarily heavy sherry influence.

Visit Gozo is the official tourism portal for Malta & Gozo. Rich Vanilla and an oily citrus. Having credibility at home was a key driver in delaying the presentation of Worthy Park Rums to the masses. U poslednje vreme su upozoravali developere mnogih popularnih. It is also a little rubbery and sulphury on the nose……like someone is lighting matches in the next room whilst a car is doing burnouts outside an open window.

The medium length finish is initially led by the alcohol vapours. But before we get into this……maybe a little background on Worthy Park and their history.

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They offer a wonderful respite from modern life — a taste of Gozo as it has been for centuries. There is again no way to know which barrel the bottle that you have is from. The oak has real teeth and it shows them straight away. The medium length finish is all oak and black pepper initially with just a trace of sweetness. Dried fruit and nuts abound.

dejting app island

A pomegranate molasses sourness. It is still unmistakably Worthy Park but with another layer.

dejting app island

It is then shipped undiluted and unblended to their partners in Denmark. A beautifully sweet entry is accompanied by a peppery bite. Whiffs of sweet smoke. Brine and salty liquorice by the boat load. Oaty and nutty aromas.

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Hempel is a world-leading supplier of protective coatings to the decorative, protective, marine, container and yacht markets. Just the remaining taste in my mouth is taking me back to the aromas around the still and that tap that was turned to allow us to experience freshly distilled Rum at Foursquare.

Doing my usual blowing into the glass reveals a beautiful marzipan quality to the vapour. If this is their first run at a signature range worthy of the Worthy Park Estate name, the future looks very bright.

dejting app island

That oily citrus returns to tease your saliva glands before the anticipated brine and olives bathe your entire mouth. If you would like to really get deep into the history of Worthy Park then I would suggest purchasing A Jamaican Plantation: Rather than attempting to attach the defibrillator and revive the abandoned distillery set-up, Gordon took on the decision to build a modern facility which would have the capability to produce a wide range of marques.

An example of Pure Single Rum that can trade punches with some tasty Jamaicans. It becomes quite earthy.

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Mine is bottle 47, …. A brine and salty quality is ever-present and is rounded out with a hint of powdery icing sugar. There are developing savoury notes with brine and black olives and it appears to be quite salty and reminiscent of crumbled Oxo cubes.

All of the palate disappears and leaves alcohol, freshly struck matches and pepper. Gozo is filled with nature and countryside, beaches, culture, history and activities.

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Hempel is present in more than It has real grip as the oak begins to dominate the mid-palate…. There is also mention of column stills….. Apple deluje brzo kada su emoji u pitanju. Manchester Rum Festival, the cities only official festival of its kind for the rum category, is returning Friday 1 st June , heading to the iconic Manchester Cathedral. There is even a slight unleaded petrol aroma to the nose.

dejting app island

This will be released in the UK hopefully before summer. I also have one of their own Caribbean Blends. This all gives way to powdery cocoa and coconut chips along with a very obvious hazelnut.

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dejting app island

The finish is short and confused. There is an initial astringent and peppery bite with moisture sapping oak that gives way to a growing sweetness.

dejting app island

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