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Called them and registered the IMEI number. I wonder how jailbreaking affects this. I never got the message that the phone was unlocked via iTunes.

Can I use the account of any other person to get my iPhone unlocked coz two of my relatives have an active telus account. FYI, the process has changed slightly for my iphone 5. Is there someone who can help?

Sounds pretty straightforward and similar to the iPhone unlock process via Rogers. I just did mine.

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I have a Telus iphone is locked. Then, when I put back the Telus sim, I still get no service until I re-sync, then it goes back to Telus. I called Telus to unlock my iphone 5, they had me check to see if I had any pending software updates, I did not they told me they had unlocked my iphone 5. I was waiting for that message so I ended up turning phone off, turning back on, taking the sim card out and then syncing to itunes again. I have done this and then went to several sites that show my phone as being still locked, this could be false as they also try to sell services to unlock.

However, my carrier is Telus and when I put in a Rogers sim not activated , I get a no service message.

I cant loose the pictures or contacts….

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My household has 2 iphone4 s originated from telus but now inactive and I want to unlock them. My phone shows a Telus icon at the top left of my iphone screen, dose this mean it is still locked?? Can anybody hel me with the same problem. Anyone know how I can get my iPhone 5 that is locked on to Telus to be unlock without being a Telus Client? I did mine yesterday and I did not have to reset the phone. They told me the next time I logged into Itunes it would be unlocked. The process is missing a step; The user must restore their iPhone in iTunes before it will look to the apple server and retrieve the unlock.

Which plan did you go with? Any suggestions on how to unlock it? If you are going to unlock your iPhone with Telus, let us know how it goes for you.Help support by whitelisting our site in your ad blocker.

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I just did it today and it requires no computer or itunes, it seems to be done over the air, but you do need an internet connection. How did you do with Telus with the prepaid plan?

I have Telus locked iPhone 4, but living in Kazakhstan. Can someone tell me the fastest and safest method? I called several times and they would not unlock the phone for me unless I am with Telus and have been with them for 90 days.

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The user must restore their iPhone in iTunes before it will look to the apple server and retrieve the unlock. Then I put a Rogers sim in, plugged back into itunes and after a minute or two voila! This is really a pain in the butt. Help my iPhone locked telus I am buy iPhone for Ebay ,I live Russia help help I live in Russia and I do not have much money for pozhalysta help unlock the phone is in Russia is very beg your I bought it at the last money help pozhalysta.

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Did anyone tried Rogers. Would you be willing to help me unlock my iPhone 4? We. Had to Restore my phone though which was no biggie as long as you back it up before.

It works fine but need to restore iPhone. The Telus website section on unlocking has been updated with information about the iPhone, along with a link to an Apple support page on the process.

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I called telus and they want a phone number which the phone was bought with but I dont have that number. Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked.

How to Unlock your iPhone with Telus

Just took a while with no message. So you have to wait 90 days and then on 91st day, you can unlock your phone? I need this badly. I probably have to get a prepaid account for at least 90 days to unlock the first phone.

I bought the phone from craiglist.

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Call Client Care to request the phone unlock. How do i get it unlocked i am right now not in Canada and not having any account. Thanks for the update! The Client Care representative will complete the steps to unlock your phone.

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