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We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Gavin Darklighter was a Human male from Tatooine born during the Imperial Period. From humble. I am the one who posted this and it is not a fake. Gas cans are made of High Density Polyethlyene or HDPE for short, which is the same material milk jugs are made from.

Darklighter found a large enemy craft sitting at the requisite exit point, designated it "Wampa", and assigned his flight the mission of destroying it while the other two flights provided anti-starfighter cover. With that, Fey'lya realized he could not succeed. Darklighter took to command of Rogue Squadron quickly, leading it against pirates on the Rim.

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Once it was located, they again engaged it, narrowly avoiding an ambush attempt when Zsinj began blasting asteroids near the starfighters, filling space with shrapnel. Darklighter held the highly dangerous blind jump for fifteen seconds before decanting.

Gavin Darklighter

The ship, a YT mocked up to resemble the Millennium Falcon , was piloted by Antilles and Chewbacca and was part of a plot to lure Zsinj into thinking Solo was making runs in the Falcon and lure him into an attack. I am the one who posted this and it is not a fake.

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To that end, the Rogues were put to work in TIE Defender simulators, familiarizing themselves with the advanced Imperial starfighters. Darklighter continued on the mission, which was successful, but all the Rogues were deeply disturbed by the betrayal; Darklighter especially was stunned into a more serious and subdued mindset.

The Mothma ' s shields were slowly battered down; when they were lost entirely, Bwua'tu ordered Darklighter to withdraw with the fighters.

This was to be a decisive showdown. He offered Kre'fey his hand, but the young Bothan refused and stormed off. The Confederation fleet pulled away from Kuat to stop the slaughter and savaged the Fifth; Solo and the tattered remnants of the Fifth barely escaped alive.

Horn stepped in with an offer: Antilles pointed out that Fey'lya would not order any action so long as the Vong were maintaining a relative truce. Darklighter's designation had also by this time been shifted to that of Rogue Three.

His squadron-mates jokingly awarded Darklighter the award of "worst pilot in the squadron" and sent Nawara Ven to speak to the senior officers—Antilles, executive officer Tycho Celchu , and naval captain Afyon —and request a fitting punishment.

From humble. Commandos took Borleias, and the squadron moved its base there, spending a month simply patrolling Borleias space.

When Dan'kre led Sei'lar away to talk, Darklighter let her go and turned to the bar, where the other non-Bothans were congregating. However, Darklighter was awoken early by an explosion and was quickly made aware of the situation by Halanit's leader, Farl Cort. Darklighter celebrated the full integration of the Jedi into the war and began planning joint missions with the Jedi squadron leaders in the apartment.

Bwua'tu and the Jedi had made it safely off the Ackbar before the Killiks boarded and captured it, and Darklighter and the admiral spent much time in planning sessions, debriefing. As the operation wrapped up, however, the Rogues were shocked to find a Super Star Destroyer emerging from the Coruscant cityscape. Darklighter was slightly nervous at being so heavily outnumbered by Bothans, and his presence drew significant attention, though he initially mistook the party-goers' reactions as being to Sei'lar's gown.

Darklighter pulled the Rogues away to check them out, and found a pirate fleet of uglies , badly damaged, waiting in the asteroids. When the Vong made their move against the New Republic base, the Rogues defended its south face against the approaching ground troops. The Rogues remained stationed at Coruscant for the next few months. With that victory and Calrissian's successful return from the mission to insert Skywalker and the Wraiths into Coruscant, Calrissian threw a massive party to which Darklighter was very likely invited.

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Gavin Darklighter was a Human male from Tatooine born during the Imperial Period. The first was the Yag'dhul station from which they had earlier driven Zsinj, which would serve them as a base of operations.

While investigating the system , the Rogues detected fighters in the asteroid field.

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Former Rogue Nrin Vakil would pilot the recon fighter. In retaliation, they destroyed the enemy fleet's flagship as it left the system. Gas cans are made of High Density Polyethlyene or HDPE for short, which is the same material milk jugs are made from.

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When Darklighter gained leave, he often spent it on Chandrila with his wife and her family. He overlooked Jaina Solo , however; only sixteen, he felt she was too young when other candidates were available.

Four did not make it, but Darklighter was able to destroy Wampa, removing a yammosk war coordinator and thereby sending the skips into disarray. He immediately heard that Rogue Squadron , the New Republic's most elite starfighter unit, descended from Biggs's Red Squadron , was to be reconstituted and approached its commander, Wedge Antilles , and asked to be included in it.

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Darklighter lived a simple life on the family farm. Darklighter and the other pilots spent two weeks in intense training and simulations for the mission.

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When the Twi'lek refused to stand down, Horn destroyed him. The next day, Darklighter and the Rogues covered the extraction of the Millennium Falsehood from Kidriff 5. Fey'lya, furious, threatened to end Darklighter's career, but Kre'fey immediately cut in, backing Darklighter's position. Gavin Darklighter, Rogue Leader. In his forties, gray now showing in his goatee and hair, he reached the rank of commodore , commanding a task force of the Fifth Fleet under Bothan admiral Nek Bwua'tu.

Sei'lar, in turn, enjoyed his innocence and fresh, optimistic outlook on the world. There, he found the guard outside his door holding a blaster rifle which had had its power pack removed; some men had arrived and insisted they would be welcome in Darklighter's office.

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The Rogues took on the assignment of training the new, Republic-allied Thyferran Aerospace Defense Force as a brief break.We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. With increasing use of Force-enhanced coordination in the task force, Darklighter turned command of the squadron over to Horn, a Jedi Knight.

Darklighter, with the rest of his flight, was to take up position guarding the tail end of the convoy. When they arrived, instead of trading, the Twi'lek warrior Tal'dira forced the merchants to provide the ryll kor as a gift, calling anything less unworthy of warrior honor.

When Sei'lar asked him what had happened, he brushed the incident off and remained at the bar, allowing her to spend time with old friends. When the Wraiths got into trouble at Binring, the Rogues scrambled to cover them; Darklighter was, as he had hoped he would not, assigned to simply destroy marked targets to allow the Wraiths to escape, then escorted their speeder out.

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